Name of crop Month sown Month Harvested Source of irrigation (Rain, tanks, tubewells, canals, etc.) Dala and Ramkali are among the poorest native of the village Picture 1.7 The conversation between Dala and Ramkali crops grown on the land. Instead they are paid wages by the farmer for whom they work. Wages can be in cash or in kind e.g. crop. Sometimes labourers get meals also. Wages vary widely from region to region, from crop to crop, from one farm activity to another (like sowing and harvesting). There is also a wide variation in the duration of employment. A farm labourer might be employed on a daily basis, or for one particular farm activity like harvesting, or for the whole year. Dala is a landless farm labourer who works on daily wages in Palampur. This means he must regularly look for work. The minimum wages for a farm labourer set by the government is Rs 115 (April, 2011) per day, but Dala gets only Rs 80. There is 8 Economics

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