Parts and Wholes What is the colour of the middle one-third of the flag? Where will you draw the Ashoka chakra? How much of the flag will you colour green? Is the white colour now less than 1of the flag? Why? 3 Becauseoftheblue chakrainthewhitepartofthe Indianflag,thewhite colourisalittleless than 1/3.Therecanbesome discussiononthispoint. Game:WhoColourstheCircleFirst? This game is to be played in groups of 4. Each player has to make a circle as shown. Each one has to make 15 11111 234tokensonslipsofpaper.Write ,, , ,, , , ,. ....2346 12 12121211 tomakeyourtokens.12 Shuffle the tokens and make a pile in the middle of the group.Nowyouarereadytostartthegame. The first player takes a token from the pile, colours that part of the picture, and puts the token under the pile. The next player does the same, and so on. The winner is the onewhofirstcoloursthecirclecompletely. h Whowonthegame? h Whatarethewinner’stokens? h Writethetokensyougot. h Whatpartofthecircledidyoucolour? TheCardPuzzle Look carefully at the AB picture and get ready toanswer four questions. Ready? D 60 SchoolMagazine A school has decided to bring out a magazine every quarter of the year. How many magazines will they have in a year? If they want to printitattheendofeachquarterofayear,whicharethemonthsfor printing?Markthenumberforthosemonths. 12 3456789 101112 SleepingBeauty! Have you heard of Kumbhakarna, the brother of Ravana?Heisfamousforsleepingforhalfayear. Mostpeople sleepabout8hoursaday. Thenwhatpartofadayisit?________ Sowhatpartofayeardotheysleep?A person 60 years old must have slept _______years!!! Answer:CardPuzzle (page61) A B Did you get stuck on square D? Actuallythatwastheeasiest!! C D Childrenshouldbeencouragedtothinkofwhatpartofadaytheyspendindifferentactivities. They should be sensitive about those children who have to spend a large part of the day workingorhelpingathome.Theyshouldalsobeencouragedtothinkaboutpartsofayear. 68 Keerti’s Shopping List Look at the yellow price list. a) How much does2kgof tomato cost? b) How much does kgof tomato cost? c) Kiran wants2 kgof tomato.Howmuch willit cost? d) How much does3 kgpotato cost? e) Whatisthepriceof1 kgofcarrot? f) He bought a gourd of weight 4 kgand it costs _________ g) Look at the shopping list in Keerti’s hand. How much will she have to pay to buy all of these? h) Make a bill of your own for vegetables you want to buy. Find the total money you will have to pay.

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