Some Big, Big Numbers! In the Class IV Math-Magic you heard of the number ‘lakh’ which is equal to a hundred thousand. You had read that there are about one lakh brick kilns in our country, where bricks are made. h What other things have you heard of in lakhs? h Writethe number one thousand. Now write one hundred thousand. So how many zeroes are there in the number one lakh? Easy, isn’t it? h There are about two lakh boats in our country. Half of them are without a motor. What is the number of boats withamotor?Write it. h About one fourth of the boats with a motor are big machine boats. How many thousand machine boats are there? Come on, try to do it without writing down. We might wonder about the number of people whose lives are related to fish. In all there are about one hundred lakh fishworkers — who catch fish, clean and sell them, make and repair nets and boats, etc. We also have a name for this big number — ‘one hundred lakh’ is calleda crore. h Where have you heard of a crore? What was the number used for? h Try writing the number one crore. Don't get lost in all the zeroes! 10

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