Find out from your classmates and fill the table: Main food Number of persons Rice Wheat Look at the table and tell: Most children eat food made from _____________. ❖ Compared to children who eat rice, those who eat wheat are ❖ more/less/equal. Compared to those who eat wheat, children eating ragi are ❖ more/less. Preparing for the Class Drama All children of a class are getting ready for a drama. Some children are acting. Some are busy collecting the dresses. Some are bringing tables and chairs to make the sets. 166 The Drama Chart This shows 3 children Number of Children Acting Collecting Playing Making Dresses music the sets a) How many children are acting in the drama? b) Which are more — children making the sets or those acting? c) What is being done by most of the children? d) How many children are collecting dresses? Whose Head is Bigger? Cut long paper strips from waste paper. Give one strip to each of your friends. Now put the paper strip around your head and tear off the extra strip. On a big sheet, paste these paper strips along a line. 167

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