pans. Father gave them some idea of the Thing loaded Weight weight of each thing. A sack of wheat 100 kg Find out the total weight they had loaded on the cart. ❊ A sack of rice Water tank 35 kg 50 kg Almirah 70 kg Now they decided to remove a few A table 10 kg things from the cart. A chair 5 kg Which things should be removed so ❊ A mattress 20 kg that the weight of the load is not Bamboo ladder 10 kg more than 700 kgs? Pots and pans 10 kg The things which were loaded on the cart were big in size and also very heavy. To measure the weight of such heavy and big things, we need a big balance. But Jaiju and Mannu wanted to make their own balance. They collected a few things — a stick, two lids and a thick thread. They made this balance. Now you also make your own balance. Write ❊ down how you made it. Also draw a picture of your balance in the box below. What is the heaviest? Make groups of three things. For example — eraser, ball and ❊ paper. Use the balance to arrange them in order of weight – the lightest, the one with in-between weight, the heaviest. Complete the table with at least five examples. Making Weights Do this activity in pairs. You need a balance, weights, a cake of soap, plastic packets, sand and rubber bands. You can also take help of an older person. Get a new cake of soap. The packet will have the weight written on it. You can use this soap to make your own different weights. The soap weighs ____________ grams (g). Take a small plastic packet. Put it in one pan of the balance. Put the soap in the other pan. Slowly add sand to the packet till the pans are balanced. Close the packet with a rubber band or string. Now stick a strip of paper and write '____ g' on it. If you put the soap and the weight you just made together in a pan, how many grams will both these weigh? ________ Now make different weights — 150 g, 200 g and 250 g. You can use soaps of different weights for this. Also make some bigger weights of 500 g, 1000 g, and 750 g. Use your weights to weigh different things and ❊ write in your notebook. Which pan of the balance will go down? Show by drawing ❊ ❊Is the weight on any of the pans equal to 1 kilogram? Mark it. ❊Grams and Kilograms Name 5 things that we usually buy — In grams 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Which is Heavier? In kilograms 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. He threw a one kg pillow of cotton. So, I threw a one kg watermelon! Yesterday you said that the weight of 1 kg cotton and 1 kg melon is equal. Dinesan went to a shop and bought some things. His younger brother cut the end of the bill where the weights were written. Guess and write the weight of each thing he bought❊ — in g or kg. Car and Tractor Ritu is weighing her toys. She wants to know if her tractor is heavier than her car. How would you help her to find out quickly? Guess which is the heaviest a real car, a bus or a tractor? Which is the heaviest thing you have seen? How Much the Chair Weighs Anamika wants to weigh this chair using the weighing machine. Can you suggest a way for doing this? Broken Stones Abdu sells firewood. There was a stone in his shop which weighed 13 kg. He used it to weigh firewood. One day the stone fell down and broke into three pieces which weighed – 2 kg, 5 kg and 6 kg. But Abdu was very smart. He used those three pieces to weigh firewood of all weights — from 1 kg to 9 kg. ✤Now you show how Abdu will use these stone pieces to weigh — a) 4 kg of firewood b) 3 kg of firewood 6 kg 2 kg Post Office Have you ever been to a post office? _________ What different things do people go there for? How much does a postcard cost? _________ How much does an inland letter cost? _________ Look at the postal rates given in the chart. Read the weight shown in the picture. Find out the cost of Parcel weight = _______ Cost of stamps = _______ How Many Stamps? Rahul needs stamps of Rupees for his parcel. He went to the post office. Only stamps of Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10 were there at that time. Using those stamps in how many different ways can he make Rs 25? Can you show five different ways? What is the heaviest parcel he can send using stamps of Rs 25? Am I Fit or Fat? The chart shows the height and weight of children between 6 and 10 years old. Find That Marble There are 3 marbles of the same size but one marble is slightly

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