Now you write it 10 × 100 mL = ________. Don't worry, they won't drink much. Each of them will take only one millilitre. That is all. I will share my kheer with them — the elephant said and wiped the cat's tears with his ear. How many are you all together? — the elephant asked. We are only one thousand — said the ants. The cat said — Oh no, one thousand! We have to give kheer to 1000 ants! After thinking the elephant said — No problem, I can manage. Each ant drinks 1 millilitre of kheer. So, 1000 ants drink: 1000 × 1 mL = _________ mL. Ah! they will need the same as the ten frogs — said the donkey. All the ants drank the kheer. Everyone was happy. They sang and Who can have 1 Litre Kheer Do you like kheer? What do you call it at home? How much kheer can you have? Can you drink 1 L water at one time? The donkey is trying to look for different ways to add up to 1 litre. Help him complete the chart. mL+ + mL One Litre + 500 mL 100 mL + ____ mL + ____ mL + ____ mLLook Around Look at these pictures. Now look for some other things we get in packets or bottles like these. Make your own list. How many mL or L? Packet Milk 500 mL My Litre Bottle Have you seen a one-litre water bottle? Collect a 1-litre bottle and some other small bottles. Guess how many times you have to pour from each of the small bottles to fill the litre bottle. Ramu's Measuring Bottle Ramu got an empty 250 mL coconut oil bottle. Look at the picture and discuss what he did to make his big measuring bottle. My Measuring Bottle Find your own way to make a bottle which can measure 200 mL, 400 mL, 600 mL, 800 mL and 1 litre. Discuss with your friends and teacher how you made this. Guess and check Look at the buckets, mugs, glasses and other things in your house. Guess how much water each can hold. Check if your guess is right by using your measuring bottle. How much do we use at a time? Eye drops ✤ We use less than 1 mL at a time. _____________✤ _____________________________________________ _____________✤ _____________________________________________ _____________✤ _____________________________________________ List things we use more than one litre at a time. Water for taking bath ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ Practice Time 1. Amina's water bottle holds one litre of water. She drank 250 mL of water and her friend Govind drank 150 mL. How much water is left in her bottle? 2. Yusuf runs a tea shop. For making a glass of tea he uses 20 mL of milk. Yesterday he made 100 glasses of tea. How much milk Water- Water Find out how much water is wasted in a day. _________ In a week? ___________ In a month? _________ In a year? ___________

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