Inter-School Sports Meet Race This is a 100 metre race for girls. Arundhati is nearest the finishing line. She is about 6 metres from it. Behind her is Rehana. Konkana and Uma are running behind Rehana. Look at the picture. To answer the questions below choose from these distances: 3 metres 6 metres 10 metres a) How far is Rehana from Arundhati? __________ b) How far ahead is Rehana from Konkana and Uma? __________ c) How far are Konkana and Uma from the finishing line? _______ Have you heard about a 1500 m or 3000 m race? (You remember that 1000 metres make 1 kilometre and 500 metres make half a kilometre.) So you can say —★ In a 1500 metres race people run ______ km In a 3000 metres race people run ______ km Have you heard about marathon races in which people have to run about 40 kilometres? People run marathons on roads because the track of a stadium is only 400 metres. 10 rounds of a stadium track = _______ km So, if you run a marathon on a stadium track, you will have to Dhanu has the longest jump of 3 metres 40 cm. Gurjeet is second. His jump is 20 cm less than Dhanu's. Gopi comes third. His jump is only 5 cm less than Gurjeet's jump. How long are Gurjeet's and Gopi's jumps? ★ Try and see how far you can jump. ★ How far can you throw a ball? ★ ___________ metres. Look for a big ball, like a football or volleyball. How far can you ★ kick it? ___________ From Kozhikode to Thalassery Subodh is going to Kozhikode which is 24 kilometres (km) away. Manjani is going to Thalassery which is 46 km away in the opposite direction. How far is Kozhikode from Thalassery? ________________

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