1. How many triangles do you have in your set? Are all of them equal in size? Find out. 2. Use the two small triangles in the tangram set to get the following shapes: (1) (2) (3) 3. Which two pieces of the tangram set are exactly same? Find out. 4. Take pieces 4 and 5 from the set and find out on which side of the triangle you can join the other piece. 5. Find matching sides among the following pairs of pieces. a) Pieces 1 and 2 b) Pieces 2 and 4 (See figure on page 66) c) Pieces 1 and 5 d) Pieces 2 and 5 The 7–piece tangram Here is the picture of a seven–piece tangram. You can cut out these pieces and put them together in different ways to make some very interesting shapes. Floor Patterns Have you ever seen a floor which has designs? Do you know how these designs are made? These designs are made by covering the floor completely with small tiles that fit into each other without any gaps.. For example look at the shape of this tile and see how it fits. Now look at this tile with six sides. See how tiles of this shape can cover the floor completely without any gaps. 70 Treasure Hunt Franke and Juhi's mummy has hidden a surprise gift for both of them. But she wants them to find out through a treasure hunt. She has written some instructions here. Can you help Juhi and Franke in finding their gift? a) Start from the tallest tree. b) Go forward on the pathway. c) From the sixth tile, turn left. d) After moving a few steps again you will find a plant on your right hand side. e) Colour the dress of the child playing closest to this plant. f) Start moving again from the plant. g) On the fourth tile, turn left again. h) On the way, you will find the corner of the fourth tile is broken. i) You will find a bat and a ball lying on the ground. Don't pick them up, just circle them. j) Move ahead and turn right. k) You will find a mango tree. A few mangoes can be seen on the tree. Colour 11 mangoes on the tree. l) Also draw some grass near the mango tree and start moving again on the pathway. m) When you go straight, you will find a house. n) Behind that house there is a bag. Open it and you will find something sweet in it! Can you tell what their mother has kept in the bag?

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