Rangoli Have you ever made a rangoli? I am Meenakshi.My friend Meenakshi I belong to Tamil Nadu. Wemakes beautiful floor make Kolam patterns everypatterns. morning. They are made by using dots. You can also try and use the dots given below to make patterns. Two examples have been drawn here. 4. On the dot grid given below, draw the following: a) a kite b) a leaf c) a flower d) a boat e) a star f) a pot Note for teachers and parents: Free play with shapes on a dot grid can help develop children's understanding of shapes and symmetries. The chapter begins with activities to show how 2-dimensional pictures can represent 3-dimensional objects as seen from different perspectives. This is related to symmetries, an important aspect of shapes further developed in Chapter 5. Tit for Tat One day Amina met a painter. Can you make my picture? Yes, sure! I charge Rs 200 for it. After a while the painter showed her the picture. Amina! How do you like it? The other half is exactly the same. So just put a mirror to get the complete picture. But this is only half ! Now can I have my money? Amina gave him a hundred-rupee note. But this is only half the money ! The other half is exactly the same. So just put a mirror next to the note to get the full money! Ha, ha! Making A Mask Now, I can teach you how to make the mask of a cat... Take a piece of paper. 1 Fold it along the middle. 3 2 Cut it out using a pair ofOn one side draw scissors. the figure. 4 5 When you open the fold, it looks like this. Colour it and tie a rubber band on its back. Your mask is ready. You can make more such masks by taking help from the following pictures.

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