UNITFlying-Man 10 Read the poem aloud “Flying-man, Flying-man, Up in the sky, Where are you going to, Flying so high?” “Over the mountains, And over the sea!” “Flying-man, Flying-man, Can’t you take me?” New words flying high man Let’s read The mountains are high. The birds are flying in the sky. mountains sea take 110 Reading is fun Where does the Flying-man go? • What does the child want to do? • Let’s talk Can you guess who the Flying-man is?• Choose your answer. � The Flying-man is Superman.� The Flying-man is a pilot.� The Flying-man is an astronaut.� The Flying-man is Batman. �Now talk about him. Let’s share Have you seen an aeroplane? • Let’s pretend you are a pilot flying an aeroplane. • (a) What will you see outside your aeroplane (i) during the day? (ii) at night? (b) What will you see inside your aeroplane? Say aloud mug vase wave move vale wall mum view wax mother van wind mud vote why Which word in the box sounds like ‘high’? • Which word rhymes with ‘me’? • note nip knee knit knot 111 What shall I be when I grow up? Match the following: an artist an astronaut a sailor a dentist a doctor a farmer a pilot a postman a tailor a teacher Let’s read and write WXYZ Two days later Appu came down to the river and filled his trunk with water. He reached Kalu’s shop and threw water everywhere. All the new clothes became wet. Appu shook his trunk and said “An elephant never forgets.” Kalu said, “I am sorry, Appu. Let’s be friends again.” Kalu and Appu became good friends. New words friend pain shop tailor trick wet Let’s read The tailor had a shop. I have many friends. What games do you play with your friends? • Can you walk and make sounds like an elephant? • The tailor had a shop near the river. Question: Where is your house? Answer : My house is near _________________________ Make some more sentences like the above beginning with words like— My school... The elephant... My friend’s house... The aeroplane... The well... My book... Say aloud jam jeep joy jug juice pan year zebra pen yell zigzag pick yellow zip pink yes zoo put young zoom Pick the odd one out. One has been done for you. Let’s do Make a Friendship-band �What you need: paper scissors glue ribbon �Material to decorate ( sequins, beads, toffees, glitter, etc. ) �Cut a strip of ribbon (colour of your choice). Cut its length to make a wrist band. �Draw a marigold flower on the paper and cut it out. �Decorate the marigold flower with glitter, sequins or whatever you like. �Continue to make flowers until you have the number you wish to put on the ribbon. �Glue the flowers to the ribbon strip. �Let it lie flat until the glue is dry. �You can use different materials to decorate each flower, e.g. buttons, lace, sequins, beads, glitter, toffees, etc. Poem — Flying-Man Story — The Tailor and his Friend Teacher's Page UNIT 10 �The emphasis in this Unit is on: �different occupations; �imaginative thinking and �the ability to write and speak sentences. Children should be able to write sentences such as ‘My name is…’ There can be times when the children do not speak correctly. Remember, the main focus is on communication and the ability of the children to express their feelings in English. �Children can be given a series of oral directions to listen to and then follow. Gradually increase the number of directions. For example: Pat your head, touch your nose, pull your ear, stamp your feet. �Encourage an independent reading and writing habit in children and provide them time for it. Motivate them by reading interesting stories and poems. Use the language for instruction that is familiar to the child. Let your enthusiasm for the story shine through. Speak slowly and clearly. �thoughts on friendship, basic hygiene, and compassion forSome animals, peace and sensitivity to their environment can be discussed. �Ask the children to practice the alphabets in lower case and capital letters. By now the child should have an understanding of basic punctuation like capital letters, full stops and question marks and be able to recognise plural and singular forms. In all this, the key word is encouragement. The child who senses your faith in his abilities will learn to trust himself and derive satisfaction from his accomplishments and stay motivated. �Role play and activities are vital for the development of the child. Through these he/she learns to communicate verbally, share, take turns and enjoy interaction with others. �This book attempts to involve the child in a sense of joy for a new language. The child who is gently nurtured, subtly led and exposed to all aspects of his environment is the child who will learn. Enjoy this picture dictionary Aa apple Bb balloon Cc cap Dd dog Ee elephant Ff fish Gg grapes Hh helicopter Ii igloo Jj jug Kk kite Ll lamp Mm moon Nn nest Oo orange Pp peacock Qq quilt Rr rose Ss sheep Tt tomato Uu umbrella Vv violin Ww whale Xx Xmas tree Yy yak Zz zebra

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