Read and learn by heart It is hot. The sky is blue. A little cloud comes looking for you. More clouds come. They bring rain. Sing and dance. It’s cool again! New words bring cloud cool dance hot rain Reading is fun What is the colour of the sky? • What do the clouds bring? • Let’s talk What is the colour of the clouds that bring us rain? • Do you like to sing and dance in the rain? • What keeps you dry in the rain? • Let’s share What do you like to do • when it rains? (stay in/go out) Do you like puddles? • The other seasons in India • are hot and cold. Describe in your language which season you like the best. Now can you say this in English? Say aloud cot cry drain bring dot dry grain ring hot fly pain sing pot sky rain wing Match the words with the pictures. rain children dancing children singing Let’s read and write MNOPOR Fill in the blanks I can read my name. My name is _______________________ . I am _______ years old. I can count till _____ . (10/20/30/40/50) My teacher’s name is ______________________________ . I study in class _________ (one). The name of my school is __________________________ . Enjoy this nature story It was raining outside. Anandi was fast asleep dreaming of rainbows. She woke up to look out of her window. There was a huge, bright rainbow across a clear blue sky. Anandi ran out to the garden with Milli, her favourite cat. Anandi loved to draw and paint. Today, she wanted to paint the flowers of her garden with the colours of the rainbow. She coloured one flower with the violet, and another with the indigo of the rainbow. One with the red... But she left the yellow so that the Sun may look bright and gay... And lo! There were beautiful flowers all over the garden. The Sun was up there shining in its yellow glory. After giving colours to the flowers and the Sun, the rainbow Anup Ray New words bright favourite inside outside rainbow Let’s read A rainbow has seven colours. Reading is fun What did Anandi see outside her window? • Was she happy to see the rainbow? • What are the colours of the rainbow? • Let’s talk Have you ever seen a rainbow? • When do you see a rainbow in the sky? • Let’s share Go outside and look at the clouds. • What shapes do you see in the clouds? • Come inside and draw what you saw. • • Say aloud face back lamp hat field ball leg have find bat let her fly big little house food bought log hut Let’s do Look at the picture below. Circle the names of Join the dots from Aa to Zz and see what you can create. Aa Pp Oo In the given space trace the rainbow and colour it. Say aloud the names of the colours on the rainbow. Let’s write STUV Let’s make a riddle Use am or have in the blanks. The idea in this Unit is to assist the children in building their imagination; making and speaking simple sentences; and writing at least a few sentences. The sentences can be made both from the text and from their environment, using the sight words and flash cards in their classroom or outdoors. Develop reading skills • Let the children do the activity of odd one out. Encourage them to spot the one that is different. For example, draw a sequence of objects such as flowers and make one flower slightly different. Ask the children to point out the one that is different. These kinds of activities are relevant to reading as they help them identify and discriminate between objects and pictures. Alphabet cards can be used for the matching exercise. The teacher makes cards from a to z in capitals and in lower case. The child has to match the capital letter with the corresponding one in lower case. For example, A with a and B with b. Group activity • Make a calender for every month showing birthdays of every child and display it along with this traditional song: Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November, All the rest have thirty-one, Excepting February alone. Develop pronunciation • Have a recitation or reading session of the poem ‘Clouds’. Let each child be given a chance to read. The more confident he feels, the more motivated he will be to continue in his efforts. Have a reading session of the story ‘Anandi’s Rainbow’ from the Unit. Let each child be given a few lines to read. Develop speaking skills • Discuss with them the following questions How many days has September? • Does February have 30 days in the month? • How many months have thirty days? • How many months have thirty-one days? • When is your birthday? • How many children in the class have a birthday in each month? • Ask the class to repeat sentences like: ‘It’s cold’, ‘It’s raining today’,

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