Can you do this without Uncle's help? Draw the10-rupee notes and 1-rupee coins you will give for these things. ✪How much money do the notes and coins make? = Rs 30 = Rs _______ = Rs _______ = Rs _______ Do similar exercises in the class with the help of play money. Practice Time OK, you say it,I will say a number. I will do it. Guess the break-up. See, for 64 and 25 the number names tell us the break-up.What about 12? But uhm--- twelve is different.How will you So are eleven and that? Now you write these and also say them aloud. 27=___ + 7 31=30 +___ 54 =___ + ___ ___=90 + 9 12= 63=___ +___ 19= ___ 36=___ +___ 11= ___ +___ ___=80 + 2 ___=10+ 7 Ask students if they also know counting in some other language. Discuss if the number names in that language also suggest the break-up. You can play this game with your friend using the board above. Write your points for each throw. Encourage children to mentally compute the score. The Flute Man and the Rats Which cards will he have in his pocket if he has ✪ Clean School Day ✪How many teams will there be in each class? How many students will be left? Write here. How many teams? Students left Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 ✪ _______________How many students are left in all? ✪How many more teams can be made with all these students left? ________________ Practice Time: Teams of Ten in Your School ✪Find out the number of children in each class of your school. ✪Make teams of ten for each class. ✪How many children are left in each class?

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Uncle, I want to buy
pencils for 18 rupees.
I have just 10-rupee
notes and 1-rupee
coins. How many
notes and coins
should I give you?
18 rupees means
1 note of 10 rupees
and 8 one-rupee coins.
How many notes and
coins do I need
You give me
to give 35 rupees?
three 10-rupee
notes and 5 coins
of one rupee.
OK, Uncle if...
None! Thank
you Uncle, for
helping me
with my

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