No dear, I am yourHey, do you friend, how can Ieat my eat your chickens?chickens? Before doing these exercises, ask children to represent numbers by making bundles of 10 with the help of materials such as sticks or beads. Help them link these concrete objects to written symbols and oral names of the numbers. 8 flowers So there are _______ flowers in all. How many flowers are these? ________ flowers in all.

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Counting in Tens
Chickens and the Clever Fox
Tikloo farmer has
many chickens in
her farm. One day a
clever fox saw these
naughty chickens
playing around.
From that day, she started
stealing and eating
chickens every day.
Tikloo came to know
about it.
She asked the fox.
Tikloo thought of counting her chickens every morning
and evening. But the chickens kept moving around here
and there. She said— I will put 10 chickens in one basket
and count them. And if I find any of them missing ........
I will give the fox a tight slap.
Hey, do you
eat my
No dear, I am your
friend, how can I
eat your chickens?

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